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What did Jim do to get the wrath of the City of Bellflower?

10 Starting in 1995, Jim spearheaded the Recall of corrupt Councilman Ken Cleveland, of the "good old boys" club.
2) Later, Jim helped start a Cable Show satirizing the actions of the City of Bellflower: Bellflower B.S.
3) Jim has spoken at numerous City Council meetings. Councilman Randy Bomgaars, a teacher, has repeatedly objected to Jim's calling our government a "Republic". He said: "It's a Democracy, and if you don't like it you can leave the country!"

Should Civic Action be commended, or retaliated against?

This is the First Bellflower BS Show on Cable, about 1995, by the team that fought to recall corrrupt Councilman Ken Cleveland, and to repeal the Utility User's Tax. Oddly enough, our naming of the Crystal Ball as L.I.N.D.A. may have prompted City Admininistrator Linda Lowry to look for another job later. Thanks for moving on, Linda, now we just have to cope with the antics of Mike Egan.

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  Government is out of Control!
Cities, Counties, States and the Federal Government are overspending and over-controlling.
In the past, Cities have left the individual alone. The IRS, FTB, ATF, FBI, CIA and other higher govenment entities have been the ones to usurp power.
Now, Cities are getting out of hand, too.
Palo Alto v. Leibrand: Gardening Grandma Arrested for Failure to Prune
In Palo Alto, Calif., a 61-year old grandmother was arrested and almost went to jail,
because "her hedge of xylosma bushes was more than 2 feet tall".

This was covered in the Monday, December 8, 2003 edition of the Daily Press, which commented "While she won her fight with cancer, she couldn't prevail over city hall. But frankly, she shouldn't have had to try.".
Check out the grandma's story at http://leibrand.netdojo.com/paloalto/enforcement.html

Harassment of Jim Krage by the City of Bellflower
Denial of Due Process by the Courts

The City of Bellflower has singled out James Krage for retaliation.
The City can't find a permit for the circa 1954 Patio in back of his house. (Did they lose it?)
(The City keeps all permits in an envelope they hold, and they don't keep backup copies.)
There are over 80 other unpermitted patios within a mile of him, but only Jim and his wife have been singled out by Selective enforcement to go to court to defend himself on a Misdemeanor Criminal Violation.
Jim's wife has no interest in the house, but the judge is allowing the City to prosecute her, too.
Jim has been denied Due Process rights in many ways:
1) The Judge denied Jim the right to a Public Defender, altho he qualifies,
2) The Judge said the Selective Enforcement issue is irrelevant, but Jim has the right to Due Process (People v. Murguia)
3) The Prosecutor never filed a required Conflict of Interest Form, and thus is not competent to prosecute.
4) Prosecution is for a 1999 Bellflower Building Code, but California now enforces a 2001 Building Code, which all Cities must now use by law. The 1999 Bellflower Building Code is now VOID. Both the Appellate Court and the Court of Appeals have denied Jim's Writs to force Bellflower to obey the law (CA Health & Safety Code 17598 et seq.).
5) The Judge even withheld the Court Folder to prevent Jim from getting certified copies under Fee Waiver, when Jim tried to file a Writ to the Court of Appeals. This was an overt impedance of Jim's right to get Copies.
Jim ended plea-bargaining to get a Continued Use Permit for the Patio.
Jim is about to inform the U.S. Attorney General's office of an apparent Conspiracy to block Jim's Due Process Rights.
Jim will probably file a RICO action in Federal Court, as well.

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