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Government is out of Control!
Cities, Counties, States and the Federal Government are overspending and over-controlling.
In the past, Cities have left the individual alone. The IRS, FTB, ATF, FBI, CIA and other higher govenment entities have been the ones to usurp power.
Now, Cities and smaller organizations are getting out of hand, too.
Palo Alto v. Leibrand: Gardening Grandma Arrested for Failure to Prune
In Palo Alto, Calif., a 61-year old grandmother was arrested and almost went to jail,
because "her hedge of xylosma bushes was more than 2 feet tall".

This was covered in the Monday, December 8, 2003 edition of the Daily Press, which commented "While she won her fight with cancer, she couldn't prevail over city hall. But frankly, she shouldn't have had to try.".
Check out the grandma's story at http://leibrand.netdojo.com/paloalto/enforcement.html
The Founding Fathers set up a Constitutional Republic, where the representatives could make laws to help the people, but not regulate the people. Regulations could only be made against businesses (commerce). In theory, if someone in commerce did something potentially hazardous, he had to be regulated. But the protections against government interference in your home (your castle) was absolute, unless you had major hazards to your neighbors.
Unfortunately, today, very few understand the arguments between the Federalist and the Anti-Federalists, both of which agreed with the limitations on government presented above.
Some have proposed that "Government" should have been termed "Defensement", because that was to be its sole purpose.
Collectivists (Communists, Socialists, Marxists, Leninists, Fascists, Nazis, the Ultra-RightWing , & Ultra-Liberals want the Government to take full control from the People in the name of the Collective.
The Founding Fathers fought for the Rights of the Individual - each of the People.
The Group - the Collective - only exists in principle, but has no rights itself.
The Government was to be the Servant of the People, not the Master
2 Peter 2: 2-3) warns us "and through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you"

Expose: Cypress College Had a Fire Lane Ticket Trap - but stopped

Look at the pictures below. "No Parking" is a $25 Fine, "Fire Lane is a $105 Fine. (College Circle Drive (between Lots 8 and 9))
If you pulled over for a second, the ticketer swooped down, and gave you a "Fire Lane" ticket under CVC 22500.1, costing 5 times the amount for No Parking.
They only have "Loading Zone" spaces for 4 cars, so they got lots of violators during the Weekend Swap Meet.
But the Law under Calif. Vehicle Code 22500.1 requires that the area be "designated as a fire lane by the fire department or fire district”. Cypress College did not follow this law to get legal designation - they just painted a Fire Lane without permission from the OC fire Authority, and therefore cannot ticket for it. .
It was my civic duty to get refunds for all of those ticketed wrongly.

2 Excerpts from Map from OC Fire Authority showing NO Fire Lane Designated by them on College Circle Drive (between Lots 8 and 9):

This OC Fire Authority Map shows NO Fire Lane (darkened)
on College Circle Drive between Parking Lots 8 and 9

Fire Lanes are only approved near buildings:
you can see a darkened road above on an approved Fire Lane.

The North Orange County Community College District has agreed to stop ticketing for Fire Lane in that area and has agreed to refund all fines for tickets in that area.

Case Closed

Join us in returning Government to the People. Help us teach Renegade Bureaucrats their Constitutional Limits.
Contact Jim Krage at jimk@cyberdude.com if you want to help.

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