Metro Blue Line Artesia Gate is Shut
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Metro Blue Line Artesia Station:
No Access to Stores and Casino

The Artesia Station for the Metro Blue Line only has the West Gate open, so the only access is from Acacia Street, which is a Cul de Sac, hard to get to.

The East Gate is locked shut, which would lead to the Renaissance Crystal Casino and Hotel, and the new Gateway Towne Shopping Center. This would be the only access from the Blue Line to Home Depot, Target, Staples, Ross, Best Buy, B of A, Wells Fargo, TGI Friday, McDonalds, Panda Express, Del Taco, 24 Hour Fitness, Party City and the other businesses in the Gateway Towne center. Plus DMV and El Camino College Compton are just a stone throw beyond.

Link to Crystal Casino/Hotel
Links to Gateway Towne Center info: Loopnet.com, Wikimapia, Wikipedia

If I understand it from the links below, the Renaissance Crystal Casino and Hotel made the decision to close the gate, because they did not want to provide parking for Metro passengers, but rather use that parking for truck drivers that want to use the Hotel and Casino.

Another possible reason to keep the Gate Closed is security for both the Hotel and the Shopping Center. Read more at L.A. Times

Solution 1: Fence off a pathway from the East Gate to Artesia Blvd, so the parking lot is no longer the access point.

Solution 2: Build an elevated bridge pedestrian crossing, either to the Gateway center, or to Artesia Blvd.

Solution 3: Provide a Shuttle from the West Gate to the Gateway Center and Hotel/Casino.

Of course, if they are more worried about foiling quick getaways for armed robbers than they are about new business, then keeping the gate shut would serve that purpose.

Google Map of Station
View Larger Map

Compton Creek goes under the Gateway Towne Center Rear Parking

Check out LA Times on Compton Creek

Quotes from other articles on the Internet

Yelp.com has inputs:
6/13/2011 45 Check-ins: The reason the east gate is closed is that the casino owns that parking space and riders were parking there and using up the space. Also the compton council member namely lillie dobson is well supported by the casino so i suggest you contact her about the issue. I mean it just shows how screwed up compton is that they have a possible gold mine there with those stores within easy reach of the blue line
Updated - 5/31/2011: Another fatality Friday afternoon. What is it going to take for the MTA to fix the problems at this station? Many times I've seen people scrambling over stopped freight trains to get out of the station. Since they fenced off the east side exit, sometimes it's the only way out. And why block access to the shopping center and huge empty parking lot? Oh, so they can charge for reserved parking. Avoid this stop if you can.
Not sure why there is no access to the shopping center here. There is a Target, Home Depot, 24 Hour Fitness and tons of places to eat, however there is a chain link fence and an empty parking lot in the way of getting there.
Los Angeles, CA 1.0 star rating 2/7/2007 Artesia Blue Line Station has the worst access, almost impossible to reach by foot. The station itself is in a cul-de-sac, fine for park-and-ride commuters and bus riders, but terrible for pedestrians. A shame, too, since Compton College is not too far away. Crystal Park Hotel and Casino is next to the station, and it was only a few years ago that it cut a hole in the fence for Blue Line access. Connections: Metro Local line 130, 205, 260/361; Long Beach Transit Lines 51 and 61/66; Torrance Transit Line 6; and Compton Renaissance Transit Line 5.
7/8/2009: Why did they close off the east gate? I would shop at that Target and Staples if they opened up access. Also the Union train constantly stop right between the parking lot and the platform, and I've seen people climb over and under the cars to get through. Also I've seen the one fatality on the tracks here. I didn't see the accident, but they were covering up the corpse when I arrived. Of course they had to shut all the train traffic down and everybody had to take buses.... If they had any sense at all they would build a police station here.

OneCompton.com writes that the gate to the Casino and Shopping Center is shut, and that's why people keep getting killed hopping fences.
This is the second or maybe third incident of a pedestrian being killed on the tracks. My theory is they walk along the track trying to get to a dirt path that leads up to Artesia, then cross to the parking ramp for the Crystal Park, walking down past 24-hour Fitness and back again to return on the train. I've actually watched nimble grown men hop the fence, at least until someone put additional razor wire along the top recently. There is no sort of shuttle service that runs from the station to the Gateway Center and back. The Hotel Casino appears stiff in their opposition to opening the gate even during business hours and this is the only access from the Blue Line to Home Depot, Staples, TGI, Ross, Best Buy, B of A, Wells Fargo or the other businesses in the center. You can, however get off at the Compton Station and catch a bus to somewhere along Greenleaf and Tamarind. Otherwise, you'd be better off driving there. Yelp.com reviews here: http://www.yelp.com/biz/artesia-blue-line-station-compton It's been like this for awhile yet. (Dr. Jones, I believe this is in your district. How say you, sir?) This has been a peeve of mine for some time ever since talking with an employee at Home Depot who expressed his disappointment that he can't take the train to work each day. No one wants to walk all the way around to nearly Alameda to get to the center. And phase two of the project has yet to begin. The Casino owns the property and CRA apparently did not anticipate the right-of-way issue when they were building the shopping center. Another dysfunctional anomaly brought to you by the City of Compton, I'm afraid. ( I know I'm going to get slapped for writing this but I have to speak truth here. Somebody blew it. The city under the previous administration (Evans) even tried to propose an aerial walkway and the Casino owners still rejected the idea. But they do let truckers park their rigs overnight on the parking lot. So when they squawk about "liability" and such, I have to wonder if they're being sincere or if they have a larger bone to pick with Compton perhaps. The truth is out there, somewhere. What's your opinion?

MetroriderLA.com states:
3. Of couse, if the gate between the Artesia Blue Line Station and the Crystal Casino and Hotel was still open, passengers could walk directly to the new Gateway Center. But nothing can be simple in the MTA’s world.
8. rogedog92: Yes, it is my understanding that the Crystal Casino closed the gate. Parking problems could be a reason, although I never saw any unusual cluster of cars around the station. My guess is that the Casino came to view the gate as a source of “trouble”, the same sort of worries, rightly or wrongly, that keep NIMBYs up nights.
For bus schedules:
15. Thanks for posting the schedules, Rogedog 92! For some reason the city has never posted them on its website (or I think even mention on it they have a transit system). Very odd.
Elusive is a kind word for the Compton system. I used to help research the Transit Guide SO.CA.TA publishes and found Compton one of the hardest cities to get any information from in re their transit system (another hard one was Lynwood and its trolley). And I am still purplexed why CRTS stops running at 3 p.m. Maybe the dial a ride gobbles up most of the local return funds?
In 2004 SO.CA.TA did one of its study tours of the Compton and Carson systems, and my trip report is posted on its website: http://www.socata.net/ccx0804.html
Member Armando Avalos is the champion at acquiring schedules from obscure transit systems. He tells me in his experience the best way to get them is to go to the local city hall; usually the receptionist or some staffer has a supply of them to hand out to residents.

MetroriderLA.com gives the local Bus Schedules and Routes in Compton

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