Nutrisystem User Gets Cancer
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Nutrisystem User Gets Cancer
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Nutrisystem User Gets Cancer:

Leo started buying and eating Nutrisystem foods in 2011.
He was serious about losing weight, and was working out at the gym at the same time.
Within a couple months, a lump formed at the side of his throat as big as half a grapefruit.
In the hospital, CAT scans documented that he had B Cell Lymphoma, and it was all over his body.
He switched to all raw foods and juices, and started really cleansing toxins.
Even the Lymphoma went down.
Now, after multiple hospital visits, and a switch to raw foods, he is surviving.
He lost more weight naturally on the Raw Food than he did with Nutrisystem, and the Raw Food made him healthy, which Nutrisystem foods did not.
Leo believes that the problem was bad counseling from Nutrisystem: He was not counseled to eat fresh fruit and vegetables alongside the Nutrisystem food.

Pictures of the Neck in June and August:
(After Nutrisystem) (After Raw Food)

Nutrisystem didn't help him
Nutrisystem's bad counseling hurt him

Raw Food, especially Carrot Juice and Salads helped him.

Read more on Raw Food at LiveFoodHealing.com.
Read about Jesus's Teachings on Raw Food at ProfoundWisdom.com
Read more about Concentrates that Reverse Aging, and help fight Cancer, Pancreatitis, and other health problems at www.livelonger-lookyounger.com/cancerhelp.htm

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